Real Estate Companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Real Estate Companies in Dubai

Dammit, if I only knew about your projects,” said the property investor. “When I landed in Dubai, the airport was covered with ads of [xxx]” he continued. “When I drove around the city I saw their ads everywhere, so I invested 100 mils with them”.

I heard this exact conversation twice. While working with two medium-large developers who were overshadowed by larger, and more expensive, developers. 

The ‘big boys’ usually plaster the city (and the airport’s too, as it turns out) with their ads. Eliminating the smaller rivals.


Our job here at Brick Angel is to give you the entire lay of the land, not just a piece of it. This means that we need to go beyond the usual ‘big boys’. 

To allow investors to select where to buy based on (1) actual returns (instead of sales promises), (2) desirability of the location and of the project, and (3) safety of the investment.

Below is the regularly updated list of real estate companies in Dubai. With links to their respective pages. Where you can check their brief history as well a table on their best properties.

That’s their most profitable, desirable, and safe properties (or the units that are the closest to it).

Real Estate Companies in Dubai


Real Estate Companies in Abu Dhabi


Real Estate Companies in Sharjah