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On a balmy spring day, Sara signed the purchase agreement and handed over her entire life savings for the down payment. That day she became the proud owner of a brand new flat overlooking Burj Khalifa. The tallest tower in the world.

Her first try was a beachfront villa on the Palm Island. She arrived at the sales office on the fourth day of the launch. But all 2,000 villas sold out in just three days. She didn’t rush fast enough, this time. Those who made it on time doubled their money in a matter of weeks. And even 10X their money after a few years.

So she kept looking for the perfect deal. And when my brother told her about the Downtown Dubai launch she wanted in at all costs. So she acted quickly and bought it. Without wondering if it was a good buy. She simply trusted my brother’s ‘expert’ advice.

A few months later her brother Rahul bought two flats in an upcoming area. For less than Sara paid for just one flat. He thought that buying more units was a better strategy.

Unfortunately, both were wrong.

Sara overpaid for her flat. After the excitement subsided her flat lost over 30% of its original price. And has never recovered.

As for Rahul, rents have never reached his high hopes or his agent’s predictions. That’s why he’s stuck. Today he has to top up the rent he collects to pay for the mortgage. When he’s lucky enough to find tenants in the first place. And when they actually pay him the rent. ‘Cause it turns out good people don’t like to live in the middle of nowhere.

Sara and Rahul both lost money with properties. Many other friends and family members lost money with properties too. In the best places and in the worse places. During strong markets and in bad markets. With flats or villas. Whether buying cheap or premium.


Every single day, many buyers make money. They buy flats where good people want to live in. So they earn a steady flow of cash. After paying for all utilities, taxes and the mortgage. That’s net cash flow.



Successful property investment is about making money every month.

And the only way to buy these good deals is to know prices, cash-on-cash returns, rental yields, rentals, the desirability of the area, utility costs, and mortgage charges. For every single unit in Dubai. And then shortlist ONLY properties earning money after paying for all the expenses, taxes and mortgage charges.

What I’ve learned in all these years is that the secret of winning the real estate game is based on access to today’s market data. Not gut feeling, likes, or ‘expert’ advice.

Unfortunately, that kind of market data requires a lot of time. And a big team. The kind of team working for large equity funds, banks and market research companies.

But the big boys charge money for access. They don’t give out this critical information for free.

And property portals, property brokers and the government won't have any incentive to make this vital information freely available to everyone.



That’s why Brick Angel came to be.

It was born out of the deep pain and massive frustration of seeing high-level bank executives, business owners, successful sales leaders, government employees, and extremely capable professionals lose their shirts with the wrong properties.

That’s why here at Brick Angel we make the best and latest property market data available to everyone. 

We exist to help property investors find the best deals in today’s market. To be clear we define the best property as those earning profits after paying for all the expenses. Including mortgage charges. Some call it positive cash flow.

That’s why we collect, review, compare, and share market data for all 14 beachside, waterfront and Seaview communities in Dubai. Building by building, flat by flat and villa by villa.


Join thousands of investors.

. . . who get regular updates about the most profitable and safest properties in Dubai. We're talking about the apartments and villas with the highest monthly profits, best cash-on-cash returns, highest rental yields and the safest internal rate of returns. Based on today’s selling price and rents.

So you can decide what’s best for you based on actual data, not opinions or gut feelings.

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