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Top 10 Most Profitable Properties by Azizi Developments

Azizi Developments Property Development Company Dubai

Azizi Developments specializes in the design, development, construction, and management of middle-income real estate properties across Dubai.

Established in 2007, Azizi Developments is the brainchild of Mirwais Azizi, an Afghan entrepreneur.

An ex-public prosecutor in Kabul, Mirwais has been involved in trading (oil and more) and later in Banking since 1989. 

After an initial false start before the 2008 global financial crisis, Azizi Developments restarted their projects in Al Furjan, which was then a new master development by Nakheel on the outskirts of ‘New Dubai’. Since then the area has grown (and got a metro line) and has become part of the Dubai 2040 Urban Plan.

After having completed multiple buildings there, Azizi Developments has branched out to Healthcare City, Jebel Ali, Studio City, and Sports City. As well as developing their only two premium projects on the Palm Jumeirah. More recently they have expanded their scope by becoming master developers in Meydan.

Projects by Azizi Developments

Are properties built by Azizi Developments profitable or not?

Owning to their success in sales we’ve tracked all of their completed projects across Dubai to find out IF their properties are (1) Profitable, (2) Desirable, and (3) Safe in today’s market. Based on verified listings. On all major property portals.


To be clear:

PROFIT/ Are the properties profitable or not? That’s NET profits. After paying for service charges and the home loan (set at 50% Loan-to-Value over a 20 years repayment period).

DESIRE/ There are many aspects to make a property special and desirable, or not. Including ratings, views, location, and quality.

SAFE/ What is arguably the most important aspect of property investment and overlooked by most real estate buyers is how safe it to own is the property? In other words, is the property profitable also in a bad market? When rents drop and tenants flee.


After analyzing every single property listing we’ve listed the Top 10 Most Profitable Properties by Azizi Developments. Each property includes the NET profits (or loss). In three currencies. And the property’s price in the second line (also in three currencies).

Azizi Developments Property Developers in Dubai
  • Overall, properties by Azizi Developments are NOT profitable
  • Most properties do NOT have desirable location & views

Azizi Developments has some of the most affordable properties in Dubai. That's their major appeal. And certain buildings are located within walking distance from a metro station.




A 2 bedroom apartment in Daisy (Al Furjan) is the only property earning a green signal under Profit. Earning AED 12k (INR 2.5 lakh, EUR 3k) NET per year. 

And it is the only property on the list earning a green signal for Safe. Making it the only property that's profitable and safe enough to justify the interest of a real estate investor.

The rest of the signals is a sea of orange and red. Both are danger signs for property investors.



The mos profitable property on the list does not earn a green signal for DESIRE. Sure, it is within walking distance from a Metro station. But residents give it overall bad reviews. And it doesn’t have good views. Making it harder to rent to desirable tenants. At a high enough rental.


Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends.

No other property earns enough net profits to deserve a green signal for profits. The last three properties in the list aren’t even profitable at all (they escape a red signal since the losses are marginal).


Furthermore, none of the properties by Azizi Developments are in a desirable location with a desirable view. As shown by an orange signal under ‘DESIRE’.

That’s because none have desirable views, most aren’t in great locations (too far from mass transit hubs and/or are facing busy and noisy main roads), and have bad reviews.


What’s worse, excluding the 2 bedrooms in Daisy none of the properties by Azizi Developments are SAFE. Making them unsafe to own. That’s because these properties swing to losses (red signal) or are barely profitable (orange signal) when rents drop from current levels. And vacancies increase in a bad market.


In short, in bear markets, almost all of Azizi Developments' properties cost money to own. They are cash negative. They affect the investor’s cash flow.

Whenever You're Ready to Find a Profitable, Desirable, and SAFE property.

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Our number one job is to help property buyers and property investors find profitable and safe properties in desirable locations. 

That’s why we work really, really, REALLY hard on our algorithm to make sure it is as accurate as possible. But. .. it’s really hard to overcome all kinds of human mistakes, misbehavior, and mindsets.

Since all tables depend on the latest listings the algorithm has to overcome many honest mistakes in how agents, developers, and owners input their property’s information. That’s easy to spot. 

But then there are cheeky behaviors like listings with prices full of 999 or 888. 

And then there’s the outright lies and frauds. Where properties are falsely priced below the market rate to attract inquiries. That’s called bait and switch. Or listings with significantly wrong sizes. And so on.

That’s harder to spot. But it affects the overall data. Therefore, we take no liability for the recommendations we offer. In fact, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you speak to an experienced community expert property advisor. And we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you do your own calculations.

We believe our work is vital to guide property investors in the right direction. And to avoid most of the traps many property buyers fall into. But you also need common sense and prudence.  Use our data to find the direction and then get help from experts and to make sure all the numbers make sense.

Wishing you a happy property hunting.