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In the middle of nowhere, hundreds of people were waiting for the arrival of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid - the Ruler of Dubai.

We were on the banks of a man-made water canal. One that was going to be 3 km long. Or so we were told. 

At that point, it was just a few hundred meters long. Built on a basically empty stretch of land between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. At least 30 min drive away from the city. 

To me, it looked like a highway construction site. 

The one odd thing was the cement block walls on both sides and that it was below sea level. That much was clear. As we were standing next to the Arabian sea.

100 Best Apartment for Sale in Dubai Marina

In the picture, you see delegates from across the city gathering for an opening ceremony 

On Tuesday, October 17th, 2000, a bunch of people came to see the start of a multi-billion-dirham, a decades-long project that ultimately changed the face of Dubai.

This was the beginning of Dubai Marina. A big hole in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of people expecting water gushing from the sea when Sheikh Mohammed finally opened the water tab.

(We waited hours for his white G-Wagon to appear expecting to witness the sea coming in. Little did we know that it would take 30 days to fill that whole, quite anticlimactic).

100 Best Apartment for Sale in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina Today

Today, Dubai Marina is almost completed (there’s hardly any empty plot left). And is at the center of many communities that simply didn’t exist before. 

Close by to Dubai Marina, there’s a man-made island in the shape of a palm, a recently completed peninsula with the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, the most visited walking promenade in Jumeirah Beach Residence, the under-construction peninsula of Dubai Harbour and much, much more.

But, where are investors supposed to look for profits? In the original 6 towers of phase 1? or in the tallest block in the world? Or the newest waterfront development in Dubai Marina?

With over 200 buildings in Dubai Marina, and over 2,000 for-sale and for-lease listings, it is hard to find an investment opportunity meeting an investor's criteria.

That’s why we’ve created the Dubai Marina Pricing Guide. Where, every few months, we analyze over 2,000 property listings - on all major portals - to list and grade the 100 BEST Apartment for Sale in Dubai Marina. Based on the profits they earn, the view, location, building's age, and how safe they are.

That’s what you can find in the 10 most profitable units in Dubai Marina. And the 10 best 1-Bedroom apartments, the 10 best 2-Bedroom apartments. And even the 10 best Studios in Dubai Marina.

For those looking for larger units we list and grade the 10 best 3-Bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Marina, and the 10 best Penthouses too.

They are the best based on profits earned. NET of service charges, home loan repayment, and municipal taxes.

There’s more.

Like the 10 best apartments based on cash-on-cash returns. As well as the 10 best rental yields in Dubai Marina. In absolute terms. NET of service charges, home loan, and municipal taxes. We also list the 10 best apartments for sale in Dubai Marina, based on Price per Square Foot.

Most importantly, we also grade the 10 Safest apartments for sale in Dubai Marina. These are flats earning NET profits even in bad markets. When rents drop and tenants flee to better units. Making these units safe to own.

The Best Apartment for Sale are:

SOUND/ the best apartments in Dubai Marina earn NET profits, that is they earn cash after paying for service charges and the property mortgage.

SPECIAL/ They have something that makes them desirable to tenants and, eventually, buyers. Be it a water view, a great waterfront location, a newer building, and so on.

SAFE/ They earn profits also in a bad market when rents drop and tenants flee.

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Since all tables depend on the latest listings the algorithm has to overcome many honest mistakes in how agents, developers, and owners input their property’s information. That’s easy to spot. 

But then there are cheeky behaviors like listings with prices full of 999 or 888. 

And then there’s the outright lies and frauds. Where properties are falsely priced below the market rate to attract inquiries. That’s called bait and switch. Or listings with significantly wrong sizes. And so on.

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