Best 2-Bedroom Apartment for Sale in Dubai Marina

Apartment for Sale in Dubai Marina Pricing Guide by Brick Angel

Generally, 2-bedroom is not the most transacted apartment type in Dubai Marina. But they have their place in the mix. There are those who prefer these units over others.

Mostly because 2-bedroom is a family-friendly alternative to larger units. They are bigger than 1-bedroom and are more affordable than 3-bedroom.


To help in making the right decision we’ve tracked and analyzed all the 2-bedroom listings so that we can grade the 10 most profitable 2-Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina


In the table below we’ve listed the TOP 10 units out of the over 1,200 units listed.

As usual, for each 2-bedroom apartment, we’re showing the mean price and mean profits. In three currencies.

We’re also showing 3 traffic lights to visually indicate how bad (red), borderline ok (orange) and good (green) each apartment is doing in relation to profitability, desirability, and safety.

Let’s get into the data >>>

Top 10 Best 2-Bedroom for Sale in Dubai Marina by Brick Angel
  • Many of the most profitable 2-bedroom are waterfront
  • Only MAG 218 is clearly safe (green signal in the third column)

Earning INR 4.5 lakh (AED 22.4, EUR 5.4k) in NET profits per year, Marina Gate has the best 2-bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai Marina.

That’s higher than MAG 218’s INR 3.9 lakh (AED 19,4k, EUR 4.5k) per year in net profits. And higher than third-placed Al Sahab by Emaar.

The list is completed by Marina Park, Al Seef, and Time Place. All earning less than 1 Lakh (AED 5k, Eur 1.1k) profits per year.

They earn an orange signal because their profitability is marginally ok. Not great. Not green. Just orange.



Are 2-Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina any SPECIAL?

Since location is such an important aspect of successful real estate investment, we’ve also analyzed and graded views, ages, and ratings. In this category, there are only four green signals. Only four 2-bedroom apartments are special.

Besides Marina Gate, the waterfront Silverene and No. 9 by Select Group fill the list of the 2-bedroom with the best locations.

All the other locations are either orange (marginally ok) or outright bad. That’s why Al Seef Tower got a red signal.



Are 2-Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina SAFE to own?

Finally, the only safe 2-bedroom units are in MAG 218. That’s the only green signal for safety. Most 2-bedroom in Dubai Marina are marginally safe. They earn little or no profits in a bad market. When rents drop and tenants select only the best units.

But, Marina Gate is clearly unsafe. Therefore, its 2-bedroom units lose money in a slow market. Making them clearly unsafe to own.

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That’s why we work really, really, REALLY hard on our algorithm to make sure it is as accurate as possible. But. .. it’s really hard to overcome all kinds of human mistakes, misbehavior, and mindsets.

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But then there are cheeky behaviors like listings with prices full of 999 or 888. 

And then there’s the outright lies and frauds. Where properties are falsely priced below the market rate to attract inquiries. That’s called bait and switch. Or listings with significantly wrong sizes. And so on.

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